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Skin preview sony cdxf7700

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  • Skin preview sony cdxf7700

    Your suggestions are welcomed, I started to play with photoshop attempting to create my first skin. . Hope you'll like it.

    Link to Official Skin thread

    Original Head Unit

    Day Skin

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    I think it looks good so far
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      I need your innovative ideas

      I find that the skins most people are using look too much like a kiosk and has nothing to do with cars. This is why I want to imitate the real head units for the skins. My plan is to get basic layout design from real head units then modify it to make it more touch screen friendly i.e Bigger buttons , high contrast and everything that might make it more suitable for aumotive environment. Photoshop is no obstacle, but however I would appreciate if you give me innovative ideas that are possible with frodo player.


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        Although no one is replying

        i'll keep posting some progress


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          Looking good!! I agree with you regarding using a skin that looks like it belongs in a car. Keep up the good work.

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            Man that's a great idea and it's looking good. When you finish this one I have a request. The sony cdx5700.
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              Sure no problem, but first I want to get a full skin to get things going. Changes are easily made 'skin wide' once it's completed.

              here is the latest

              I have testing the skin on my 7" indash touch VGA and it looks awsome. The buttons are big as easy to press.


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                very nice! I have noticed, like you say, too many kisok type skins and not much that resembles car-audio.
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                  useless analog volume?

                  and now with even bigger controls buttons


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                    Wow I'm stoked. It's really looking good!
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                      Thats very nice man. Ive always wanted a car radio looking skins, I think they look so

                      I used to have the SONY skin on winamp but they are not as good as yours...keep up the good work.

                      Would be nice if the panel flips to reveal more controls


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                        Looks great man. I've been working on a blaupunkt style one for my rig. I stopped working on it for a while but I think I'm going to have at it again.
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                          It's looking better on every shot you post. Keep up!!!
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                            Originally posted by Ricky327
                            Would be nice if the panel flips to reveal more controls
                            Would be great yeah, I need 3 things to create the flipping feature.

                            1. Plenty of free time

                            2. To flip something, move, rotate etc , frodo Player would have to handle animated images of somehow. (at least more than 2 images )

                            3. Since you want more buttons or some other items behind others, then FP would also need to have multi layers or Z (depth) co or dinates, and not allowing the press of a button which is not visible.


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                              niice, that's tight
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