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  • Yet Another FP Skin

    Here's my first attempt at skinning. Took me a week! . I think I've done all the screens except the FM radio.

    Matching Night Skin

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    Well if the name ever does change, then funky monkey is what it would be !

    Awesome skin dude.
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      are u going to be releasing this skin to the pub?


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        looks sweet, i want to play with it
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          I would love this.. since i dont use FM anyways... this is perfect already for me...

          a night version would be awesome too
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            Originally posted by frodobaggins
            Well if the name ever does change, then funky monkey is what it would be !

            Awesome skin dude.

            funky monkey player!!! i love the sound of that
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              braaaaaasss monkey....that funky monkey!!
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                someone has been listening to the beastie boys!
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                  Originally posted by meddler
                  someone has been listening to the beastie boys!
                  Some of us are often listening to the Beastie Boys....

                  Slow and low... That is the tempo...
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

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                    Dang thats nice! can't wait to give this one a try. I love the XM information on the botton of the screen I think it looks so much better.
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                      Finally a nice BIG keyboard

                      I want it..
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                        looks stock, i like it, funky monkey!!!
                        Download Skin For FrodoPlayer 1.0.9


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                          this is really, reallly, nice
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                            nice skin, i wanted to make one just like that. would i be able to get the photoshop files, are you going to make this skin available?



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                              Very nice skin you have created .....
                              very clean looking

                              as was asked before, are you gonna release it to the rest of us ???

                              I'd really like to have it to mess with