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why does my taskbar show when i run gps???

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  • why does my taskbar show when i run gps???

    why does my taskbar show when i run gps??? I have D3 and the latest frodo take 3. when i run gps it opens up but the taskbar at the bottom stays on top, never did it before. Any suggestions?? thanks

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    i do know that i could right click on the task bar and disable it, but any other way or patch?


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      just set it so that it isnt always on top. im pretty sure its a known bug. look in the stickies to make sure though, or search.
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        It should disappear when you touch the screen. I think it relates to when FP loads the GPS software which gets shown on top of FP. The GPS program in now in focus. When FP 'grabs' it and embeds it there are now no programs in focus which makes the taskbar show. After tapping the screen, the taskbar should go away because FP/embeded GPS is now in focus (which is fullscreen).


        Focus = the program selected to be shown (ie., selected from the taskbar)
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          I have the same problem, I'll check the 'always on top' setting for the taskbar.
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