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    How is the file Synchronization program for Frodoplayer?

    Right now i have everything syncing through windows xp (mapping a drive and then "making it available offline"), but that isn't working so seemlessly. I'd really like to find somehthing that will do a good job of syncing any new additions that i add to my home computer.

    Who has used the synchronizaton prrogram in frodoplayer and how is it?
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    Settings1 -> Misc -> "Check for file changes in Media Folder on Start"
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      I've been using it since the release of Take 2, and it's great, I just have a mapped drive on my carputer thats mapped to my mp3 folder on my server. So when i'm home and the wireless is connected I just click sync and it copies everything that I have added recently on my server to my carputer.
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