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  • volume button speed

    I posted about this a while ago and never got a response. When I hold down the Vol+ or Vol- buttons, the percentage changes quite slowly. It takes 20 seconds or so to get from 0% to 100%. I tried changing the "volume button speed" to the max setting (200) and it made no difference. What is the function of this setting? I would assume it should increase the rate of change of the volume percentage... My only workaround was to increase volume by 5% at a time rather than the default 1% at a time, but this is annoying as I don't have accurate control over the volume anymore. Please help me, what could be wrong?

    Oh yeah, I have all the requirements installed and all other functions of FP are working well.

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    You need to lower that number, not raise.
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      I tried the minimum setting too... no noticable difference...