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  • FP Position Problem

    Hi there, got a big problem with FP: When I set a resolution 800x600 the lower part of FP is below the screen...

    any ideas?
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    Use the search.

    It's starts with 'Advanced' and ends with '.ini' and it is a checkbox.
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      I had this problem with older versions (as well as this one) until someone pointed me in the right direction. I think it happens enough that maybe it should be user setting as part of the installation process. Because once it's installed, you can't access the configuration options properly (the screen is cut off), and notepad is the only solution. It's kind of annoying for touch screen users because then you have to drag out and plug in a keyboard. I realize it's a minor inconvenience (and isn't considered a bug), but it's the little quirks that make a program feel unpolished.
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