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DVD Problems on Frodoplayer

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  • DVD Problems on Frodoplayer

    For Some reason I can play a DVD just fine in PowerDVD. When I try Frodo, the previews show just fine but when the movie starts all I see is a bunch of squares and can't watch the movie. Anyone else have this problem?

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    man I never get any love on this subject. I wish I can use the dvd in frodoplayer.


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      Ok, here is some love.

      I installed PowerDVD XP and Frodo only shows a black screen.

      WMP 10 does not play a DVD either.

      PowerDVD will play a DVD, however it blue screens the system when I exit the app.

      I've since uninstalled PowerDVD XP,

      WMP 10 says there is no disk in the CD drive

      Still black screen with Frodo, it doesn't even spin up the dvd.

      I guess I'll have to bite and buy a DVD codec plugin for WMP 10.
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        Originally posted by DaveDog
        I guess I'll have to bite and buy a DVD codec plugin for WMP 10.
        May or may not help. FrodoDVD does not use wmp to play dvds.
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          Well you got any ideas for me Frodo?