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Global Hot Keys for Windows Media Player?

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  • Global Hot Keys for Windows Media Player?

    One of the things that I like best about Winamp-based players (such as MediaCar), and what has kept me from switching to one based on Windows Media Player, is the availability of "Global Hot Keys". I have a keypad connected to my car computer, and know that I just need to press the "9" key on the keypad, and it will always go to the next song (I usually play everything in random mode), regardless of which program I am running.

    Is there anything similar available for Windows Media Player-based players? Would Girder work to do this?


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    FrodoPlayer supports windows messages. Search.
    Girder works great with FrodoPlayer.
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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      get phonecontrol and use your mobile phone to skip tracks on your computer - or pause or whatever -- see Zorro in the the Support Sotware -> PhoneControl section