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Two problems.. broken volume and some broken songs

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  • Two problems.. broken volume and some broken songs

    Alright, I'm makin the switch to frodoplayer. Im excited cause it's lookin quite promising, but i am having two big problems. I must first say, i HAVE tried searching, but it's kinda hard topic to search for... (what shoudl i have searched for? volume? broken songs?)

    First, i need the volume to always start at 100% cause im using an FM modulator that gives low output. I tried changing the setting, but it doesnt start at 100, it starts at like 2 and then somehow like rises to 100 or somethin. it's wierd, but there must be some way.

    Another problem i'm having is that for some reason, only certain songs work... I tried rebuilding/syncing and all that for my database, but for some reason random songs work. i'd say about 20% of the songs work and the rest dont. I am sorting by directory - file name. I dont know if that makes a difference but im tryin to give as much info as possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Menu >> Settings1 >> Misc>> "Volume START at 100%" for the vol prob.

    Not sure about the other prob.
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      Originally posted by Slitha
      I tried changing the setting, but it doesnt start at 100

      Thanks for at least tryin to help though. anyone else?


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        I found that some of my directories with "[" and "]" in them (for example - Smashing Pumpkins - [CD1]), get picked up, but none of the files inside them are added to the database... could it be that?
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          Well, i think all the songs are in the database. When i say a song doesnt work, tha tmeans after i click on it in frodoplayer i wait like a minute and still no music. On the other hand, when i click on songs that do work, i click on it, wait liek 3 seconds and it starts workin. Anyone?


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            What types of files are these ?
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              All of the files are mp3 format. They work in mediacar when i play them, i dont understand why they wouldnt work in frodoplayer. They also work when i play them in wmp 9 cause i believe that's what you use to output the music.