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  • Help!!

    Just installed FrodoPlayer as I'm now in the situation where I'm testing which software is best for me.
    At the moment I've 50-50 between FP and Centrafuse, although the latter runs SOOOOOO slow on my machine and I'm waiting for the next release before making any comments.

    Anyhow, I successfully installed FrodoPlayer, and then downloaded all of the skins I liked the look of. I then extracted the zip files to c:\program files\frodoplayer\skins, and when I start up frodoplayer, and go to Settings1, can see a list of the new skins, but the preview doesn't change. when I select another skin than the default, frodoplayer crashes, although the music still plays.

    When I bomb out FP and then go to reopen, all I get is a white screen. I then have to manually edit the ini file in frodoplayer install dir to set the skin back to 800x480. FP then opens successfully.

    My res is set to 800x600 and I've downloaded 800x600 skins. Am I doing something wrong? is is a case of ????????????????????????

    Thanks for your help guys, all keep up the good work.

    Luke (UK)

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    You probably have the skins installed wrong. Check to make sure you don't have another folder deep inside.

    The structure of all skins will look just like the first.

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      that's right. I have a skins directory in \frodoplayer, then within here i have a 800x480 folder containing ini files and a pics folder.

      The skins I have downloaded are the same - within \frodoplayer, as a dir and with ini files and a pics dir.

      Not the end of the world, but hoping I could figure out what it was before I put the comp into the car over the xmas period....

      cheers dude, keep up the good work and happy xmas and new year.


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        I'm not sure if I understood correctly how you have your folders set up, but this is how it needs to be. First you have the frodoplayer directory, within that folder you have a directory for Skins. Within the Skins folder you have a folder for each skin and this folder contains the ini files and a folder with the pics. Hope it makes sense.
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