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  • Video volume too low

    Is it jsut my music videos? My mp3s play nice and loud but the video (divx, xvid, rm) are about 40% lower. Any program out there that can solve this?

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    ive been trying to find a video volume normalizer for a while now.. havent found anything yet..
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      Not sure what to do with existing Divx files, but if you use Dr. Divx to encode your movies there is a check box that you can turn on to boost audio volume. For the files you already have you could probably boost the EQ or Preamp in whatever player you use.
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        Not knowing your system setup I'd still say that it's probably a codec issue.


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          same here. DVDs films are 50% lower. Dvix are 30% lower


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            read 3rd post down but I don't know this would also affect Divx, but is very possible as most of them are based on DVDs
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