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  • help with album art...

    Ok I serch the forum for "album art" and I still don't get it!!!!

    I know that all album art have to be name the same so intead of change each jpg name I change in frodo settings2>misc3> to folder.jpg.

    So now I can sech my mp3's by album art.....very cool!!
    But I still unable to see the album art in the little square when I'm playing the song,still show me the frodo logo.... why???

    Sorry guys but i rally try everything....


    P.S: 0l33l I haven't forget about you and frodo....
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    Although that method should work it is was to much work...

    I use MusicMatch Jukebox and use the supertagging feature which downloads the albumn art and embeds it in the mp3.

    Frodoplayer reads that just fine
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