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    I have searched the threads, can't find any good recommendations for the hardware that works best with Frodo. I also really can't find anything that lets me know what Frodo's capabilities are. I see from the skins that you can have a GPS, FM, XM, a camera, and alot of other things. I am going to get a XMPCR for XM, Iguidance 2 or GPS, and I am assuming just any camera with a USB. I want to get a FM tuner, and didn't know if I could use Frodo for that, and if so, what do you recommend. I also want to be able to select different video inputs, like an external video camera, or PS2, and have the input selected by Frodo and go full screen, but once again, don't know if I can. I am looking at a Hauppauge WinTV 32552 TV Tuner PCI Card w/FM Radio. I don't know if there is something recommended for video input that would work with Frodo. Being able to switch between multiple video inputs is something that is on my priority list. My other question is about applications, what type of applications are we talking about. I am going to use the Audigy NX USB.

    Sorry for all the questions, but there are so many mentioned in the forum, and not everyone uses the same software. Any recommendations would be helpful before I go buying useless hardware.
    thanks, Kenny
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    Iguidance is a good way to go for GPS.
    I'm pretty sure almost any web cam will work for reverse cam.
    I would go with XM direct for XM radio as its cheaper.

    The screen you purchase should be able to handle switching between video modes. My lilliput screen has VGA, s-video, and component connections. I can switch between them via the remote or a button on the screen. I would not advise using a tuner card because it will waste space, tie up system resources, reduce image quality, and make the system harder to use. I would rather use the monitor's native ability to switch modes.
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