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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh frontends

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh frontends

    Please dont have a go at me but,
    I have to say Is it just me that on all the frontends the Artists scroll list is far far to small for me to use.I just end up using the search button.

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    You can skin it yourself and make it bigger if youd like.
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      I would if i could but you have to follow the big boys like Frodo and Ninja because every time they change the version your skin is out the window.


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        yes but its quick to update the skins :P dont be lazy

        go down load the big list skin it should please u
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          ricky, you tried mediaengine? I thought that was REALLY touchscreen friendly right out of the box... but as everyone says, frodoplayer is so damn skinnable, you can make it like that.


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            If you take a peak at the skin file for the skin you like, it's not that hard to adjust it. Took me 5 minutes to figure out my frodoplayer skin.


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              Like knubile said..
              Making skins is not so hard.. download a skin you like and modify it.
              All the settings have to be made in the .ini files.. you can find them in your skin folder.
              Good luck m8