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Help! Phillips SAA7130 TV/FM tuner & Radiator w/Frodo

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  • Help! Phillips SAA7130 TV/FM tuner & Radiator w/Frodo

    I'm trying to get Radiator working with Frodoplayer, and can't get my tuner card working with Radiator. Anybody running a Phillips SAA7130x based tuner card with Radiator?

    My Card:
    Sabrent SBT-TVFM

    I'm running the "fly2000fm.dll" external driver plug-in for Radiator which states it's specifically for the SAA713x tuners, but nothing... The FM works great with the vendor software it came with.

    I'm a little confused about what the correct option is under "Volume Control" for the line-in device, should I specify "TV Tuner Audio" or "Line In"?

    Anybody running a similar card, or anybody with comments, please reply!

    Thanks in advance...

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    Line in probably refers to the line in port on your soundcard (1/8" stereo jack). If your tuner card requires to be wired to this port for sound, then you should select line in. But I think your tuner card is probably sending the audio digitally through the PCI bus since there is an option for TV Tuner Audio, so that's probably the one to choose.


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      Here’s my external driver plug-in configuration. Notice the “unknown card” selected for model. My mfg isn’t listed under this list however the driver readme states it should work with all SAA713x based cards…

      I wonder if this might be the problem…

      Are there any other radio apps that work with Frodoplayer?


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        A reference for others who may experience this problem and hit this thread on a Search:

        I went in and modified the “fly2000fm.cfg” driver configuration file for SAA713x chip based tuner cards. For the “Sabrent” brand card, any hardware settings with a following will work:



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          I am having a HUUGGE problem setting up my Sabrent SBT-TVFM ...

          i have configured Radiator exactly like above... and i can get sound from it, but i cant tune to the station i want. SOMEONE HELP! i been trying trial and error for last hour and its just upsetting me more that i cant figure it out!