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  • AquaSkin -- new skin

    Hi all,
    Here's my first FP skin, so be kind . I just wanted something that wasn't branded and gave as much space as possible to the music management functions. Also, as many of the buttons as possible are separated by button shape as well as icon -- I find it difficult to pick which of the 15 buttons I want while driving, so I tried to dumb it down for myself . It's 800x480, and most of the graphics for this skin are borrowed, many of them from M^ck^y's brilliant Sony skins. If there's any need for the PSDs, let me know -- they're pretty hefty, so I didn't include them. Enjoy!

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    hey jus put it on looks really good. like the fonts and the buttons. this is a really good looking skin.jus wish it had a small window to view video.nut thats my opinon which means nothing. A++
    ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

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      I like where you're goin' w/ it. but IMHO:
      1) some fo the buttons look smallish
      2) I'm not sure that font will present well in actual car use.

      I really like the 'inset' look of the display windows.


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        fallnangel - glad you like it...I don't personally plan to use the vis/video options, so I'd rather have the screen space, but I can see what you mean -- maybe I'll try adding it later.

        grepzen - I agree that some of the buttons are smallish (particularly the mode switch and track forward/back buttons), but I felt that since the focus of the skin is the browser and playlist area (I'm using the Directory2 mode almost exclusively and using iTunes to organize all my music in the proper directories), those buttons would be used less and could therefore be a bit smaller. I have tried this a bunch on my Xenarc, and the button font is just fine, although admittedly not in direct sunlight. Also, note that I'm not using that font for the text at all -- text is good old super-readable Tahoma :-)

        Thanks, all!


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          & FWIW: the top few pixels seem to be clipped.
          The 'effect' of glare may be a subtle intrusion into readability.
          I'd have to see it in use to know for certain.
          -- I do like the 'look' of it.. but my mind turns to 'usability' just the same.


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            I'm kinda curious though.. that drop shadow (inset) effect is kinda cool. can you give the following some thought:

            If you drop the button panel layer and 'pop' display areas. (essentialy reversing the dropshadow) wouldn't it kinda look like the text areas were projecting a few MM above the physical buttons? --not sure if my description does my idea justice. But if it's of intrest to you, a 'mockup' might be worth reviewing.


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              sadly no, that's intentional . I found that having the song info in big text at the very top of the screen was easiest for me to find. Honestly, I'll have to really use it in-car for more than a little while to see if any usability issues crop up. Glad you like it, though!

              just noticed your second question! I actually prefer the text areas recessed; I had tried having them in exactly that configuration (text areas up, everything else not flat but down) and it just felt odd. We're so used to having scroll bars above the contents of a given window that they appeared to be popping up even further than the text, and..well, it just felt more natural this way. The other reason for leaving everything but the text areas flat is that it still separates them, but the shadowed (i.e. non-useful) area is only a few pixels.


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                lots of skins here really come'round w/ the input of others. keep up the work this really has potential.


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                  yep, It looks great..
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