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attention gods of skinning! need help pls.

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  • attention gods of skinning! need help pls.

    Frodoplayer is really amazing but I won't ever use most of what it does and yet I will use things that it does not have so I was going to throw this out there and see if someone catches it.

    Basically I want a front screen that displays a menu with button placements and labels such as my attached picture displays.

    I am a fan of mame arcade emulator and found a great application called gameex that is an amazing front end for it for a carpc.

    So I would want a game button obviously.

    I don't need radio because I like my radio in my car. I don't need xm radio because I will never have that. I don't need a camera button because mine is hooked to my reverse light and can not be called up on a whim. I don't need pictures because I can just create a shortcut to my pictures folder in xp and set up a slide show or whatever.

    So, what I was hoping was that someone else has similiar requirements of a menu and has already done or is currently working on a similiar menu that I can use.

    I like feb's menu styles as they fit best with my car.

    Edit: I was thinking that the center could both be a logo of the car and when you press the button it turns to a visualization for the media being played. Cycle through visuals and come back to the logo.

    The little squares under each main button is extra info that could be added so that information can be passed to the driver without having to open another menu to check.

    Each menu would stay in focus until you exited it then it would go back to the main menu.
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    Okay now you got a concept don't be a lazy arse, get to skinning.
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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      Originally posted by antimatter
      Okay now you got a concept don't be a lazy arse, get to skinning.

      I have zero artistic talent!!

      or posting talent.

      I guess I'll go look for a good skinning tutorial.
      If anyone knows the tut I should check out throw me a link pls.

      Yes, I am going to go search.

      In the mean time, if someone wants to help a pitiful fool out, I would appreciate it very much.