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Camera input stream size causing problems, computer or software

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  • Camera input stream size causing problems, computer or software

    Hey Frodo,
    I am using the camera input to watch TV. In the resolution, the max I can do is 320x240, pixel depth at RGB 32, and size is 230,400 bytes. If I try and increase the resolution size by just a tad, to 352x288, the screen itself and sound freezes, but the buttons still work fine. If I increase the resolution to the 352x288, and lower the pixel depth and comppression, which lowers the size to below the 230,400, the sound still comes in, but the picture still freezes.

    That is what confuses me, if the input size is smaller then what works, it still freezes if the resolution is higher.

    I hope that makes sense, it confuses me to read it back.

    I have a Hauppauge card that controls TV and FM, and I select the TV tuner as my input, and I can watch TV, althought the reception sucks, but its still cool to play.

    Also, why would Frodoplayer ever mute CD Player, I don't know if that is what is causing it, which is the sound line for the TV tuner card. I don't know if there is a setting I am missing, because I have problems duplicating it.

    Edit: Forget about the muting, I found the selection on XM and FM that asks if you want to mute the line when muting. I think this works
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