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Hide map monkey with girder

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  • Hide map monkey with girder

    I have tried to set Girder to hide map monkey (which is embedded) when pressing a programmed key on the keyboard, as I hope to control this function through my steering wheel controls. I can only get it to sort of work.
    When I click my programmed key, the hide button is highlited with a black box, I then have to press my programmed key again to hide the map and return to the cd player. Thats not too much of a problem as I can set it to double click, problem is that when I go back into mapmonkey, the map is gone and it just shows the mapmonkey front end. I have to close mapmonkey and start it again to display the map.
    I have tried searching but had no luck, does any one know why this is happening, and how to overcome this?

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    Ok, i sussed that bit out and set it so that frodo would launch mapmonkey an pressing '1', and girder would hide it on '1', so I could use one button to both open mapmonkey and hide it. That was great, problem is as soon as frodo is closed and reloaded again, girder doesn't do as it was set. I saved the file in girder but it just doesnt work, even if I open the file again in girder. Anyone have any ideas?


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      Right, i know now why it doesnt work after reload, but don't know anyway around it. I have absolutely no programming knowledge whatsoever. Whats happening is i'm using command capturing tool on girder, which works fine when set up. But the problem is, when reloading frodo, the values for 'handle' and 'parent' are changing, so girder wont operate them. Like I say, I know nowt about programming or anything so I dont know if this is supposed to happen, but how do you make frodo keep the same values on every load, or is that not possible?


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        I take it no one knows how to do this then?


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          maybe frodo can create us some extra send message commands. One for every shortcut key in the program now that would be useful.

          Hope beta 4 will have it