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Resume from standby volume control problem

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  • Resume from standby volume control problem


    I recently reconfigured a few things in my setup and am now having problems controlling the volume of my SB Extigy from within FrodoPlayer after resuming from standby. I searched for info on this but was unable to find anything.
    I previously had my Extigy connected via a 4 port (bus powered) USB 1.1 hub, and had no problems then. I changed to a direct connection of the Extigy to a USB 2.0 port because -- for whatever reason -- the Extigy was hogging too much PCU time when connected through a hub (some kind of USB bandwidth sharing problem). The Extigy is powered off my Opus 90W (as it was before) so it cuts power to it completely when going into standby. This did not cause the problem before so I'm assuming it's still OK now. I'm almost certain it's a FrodoPlayer problem (though not 100% positive): I can still control the volume through windows and sound still plays fine after resuming from standby. If I change the volume outside of FP the new volume will be updated, as well -- I just can't change it from within FP.
    Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Anyone, please??


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      Well, I had my "good" times with audigy 2 nx and I can say about creative usb card:
      - changin' usb ports gives you problems (I had to reinstall xp because of it)
      - low memory gives you problems (128- bad, 256MB- enough)
      - SP2 gives you problems
      - newer drivers--- !!!!!! gives more problems than all above.
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