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Full screen dvd and video playback? pan & scan?

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  • Full screen dvd and video playback? pan & scan?

    Is there a way to fully maximize the screen while playing movies be it in the dvd mode or in the video mode?

    I want it to do the 'pan & scan' feature that stretches it completely and removes the black bars.


    Edit: without resorting to using an external app. I love Frodo's full integration. The built in DVD player loads faster than windvd or powerdvd most of the time.

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    I guess this isnt an option?


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      buy full screen version of the DVD?

      pan & scan doesn't stretch the display though, it cuts the sides off.


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        A full screen version wouldnt help the problem. With a 7" screen, you almost have the correct 16:9 aspect ratio. But when using 800x600 resolution, everything is squished. When watching DVDs it makes it reeeeeally short and super wide. Using powerdvd, windvd, etc you disable the 'maintain aspect ratio' and make the 16:9 image appear stretched and fill the screen (without cutting off the sides) this essentially brings it back close to 16:9 when displayed on the squished 7" monitor. Essentially squishing it, then stretching it, and ending with an almost perfect aspect ratio.

        I know when I watch movies with windvd in 4:3 stretched (incorrect aspect ratio) on the 7" screen you can hardly notice the different aspect ratio. However, when using frodoplayer (WMP) it is very wide and short, and obviously out of proportion.

        EDIT: I guess it is not pan & scan, the option to 'maintain aspect ratio' when disabled does what I want in powerdvd/windvd. No way to do this in WMP?


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          FrodoPlayer does not use WMP to play DVDs, so quit looking for solutions with
          windows media player.

          I have been working on some alternative dvd code which allows me to change
          aspect ratios, but I still haven't got it all right just yet.

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            Oh, okay. Thanks! It wasnt anything I particularly NEEDED, but I figured I could ask, hoping I had missed something.

            But its good to hear you are looking into it!