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  • Frodo documentation

    Is there any documentation on frodoplayer other than the faq's?

    I'm having trouble figuring out the playlist system, i can't seem to get all my music to load from all my directories, it won't load the files in any of the subdirectories and i can't figure out how to make a proper playlist.

    I'm feeling really dumb, but it seems like there's 5 different ways to do the same thing and none of them work.

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    You can make playlists in winamp if they are full playlists.
    IE, include full path.
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      But do the search and jump functions work within them? how do i clear a search query and get back to the whole list?

      What do you mean a full playlist? like, as opposed to an empty one or as in containing full pathnames for all the included songs?


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        Still can't get the playlist working properly, reverted to winamp and it sucks.