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  • Skin MediaCar Menu clone

    Tell me what you think. Made it just for my self, but mybe any of you would like it? Just have to change the "video" button to "playlist"...
    If you want to I can release a zip package after it finished.

    The menu is a MediaCar lookalike, and the mainscreen is my own. The mainscreen looks like ****, I know, but its just made to be easy handled with touchscreen =) Also i have removed a few buttons to save space (volume control for example, since i have a sepparate volume knob)

    The menu doesn't look as good as i thought it would, but I still think its nice =)

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    Man that looks grate

    The simpler the better I always say

    I wish I knew how you guys made those buttons. I have tried and tried in Photoshop and still cannot master it. Do you have an action or something in PS for that?
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      Open an existing PSD in Photoshop and copy the layer style onto an elipse shape, you will then have your button.