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question about the menu dissapearing after 5 secs

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  • question about the menu dissapearing after 5 secs

    okay when i open frodoplayer the default starting place is the music. if i press on menu the menu will popup and stay on for 5 seconds. then it will go back to the music page. is there a way to disable this so that if i press the menu button it will stay on the menu page untill i change to a different page?
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    Look in the settings menu. It's in there. You can also have it open to the menu everytime you start Frodplayer.
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      i searched and i found some settings in misc3.

      after trying all the different choices it still goes back to media after 5 secs after hitting the menu button???? help please?
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        go into the frodoplayer directory and open up the file called frodoplayer.ini and change the following line to TRUE.

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