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Research: What am I doing right ?

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  • Research: What am I doing right ?

    Ok this is part 1 of a 2 part research thingamajig. This is part 1.
    Part 2 is in another thread.
    This is not a place to sneak in requests, or flame, or have big
    dicussions. Please limit your reponses to just the following question.
    This will allow me to get the information I need as efficiently as possible,
    and make sure your voice is heard.

    Part 1:
    The question is, in FrodoPlayer, what am I doing right ?
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    Things I like are the skinability, and the database. The ease of navigation through directories. It was very easy to install and get running as well.
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      The library database!
      FrodoComm stuff.
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        the easy way to install the APP.
        The GUI in settings 1 and 2.
        The smooth that it runs.
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          The things I like about it are the basics:

          It's quick, easy to set up, and stable. I like it because it just "works".

          Oh, and it's written by a [H]ard 9 fingered smoking monkey, which is pretty cool too.
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            #1 the database
            #2 the speed it runs at, unlike most of the other front ends.
            there's more but i will leave it at that
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              1. The speed
              2. Very Skinnable
              3. Stable
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                Lots of options
                Easy to naviagte
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                  xm, radiator, iguidance, dvd, mp3, reverse cam ... Basically it is the only software that has all the features.
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                    - FP is damn flexible for the most part ... just about everything can be changed any way you'd like it in the settings.

                    - default skin is nice enough i don't feel the need to change

                    - FP tries to remain open to other developers, apps, etc. (and does a good job it seems)
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                      -Nice GPS integration possible
                      -Stability, even under my 'standby and resume' setup (about 10 times a day )
                      -Possibility to add functions, FrodoComm looks like the ultimate extention utility
                      -Fact that it remains free and u are still taking time to develop it

                      It's just great!


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                        1. Solid and stable.
                        2. Mature application, been tested on lots of setups
                        3. Wide range of features (e.g. XM, DVD, radiator, GPS embed)
                        4. Simple to use, easy to set up
                        5. Custom skins not just available but plentiful
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                          like above..

                          Database with id3 tags are the best.
                          Audio and video/vis in same screen & positioning and scaling video/vis.
                          SPEED!! the fastest I've tested.
                          and last but at the first! place: STABLE!!

                          too bad


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                            stability (dont think its ever crashed on me, at least not in the car)
                            skin support (i need to make some new ones when i get time)
                            GPS (although not finished works ok for what i need when i need it)
                            embeded visualizations are done right
                            video is done right

                            cant comment on radio or xm
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                            01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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                              3.Ease of installation
                              5.All the extras that I really like....xm,and navigating the menu is very intuitive.
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