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  • disable buttons

    Hi i am using a skin which has quite a few buttons which are not labled and have no function.

    1....XM radio is one button i dont want to use since i do not have an XM radio. Now if i push this button the COMP hangs and i have to reset.
    Is there any way of disabling these buttons.

    2... i has an additionnation PHONE CONTROL button.. when i push this button i get an error not configured.. how do i do this..

    well did try a search but i think i am blind... so pls help me out... suggestions cues..etc etc etc

    Commell LV-677 DC 6 x 6" Mother Board
    2.6 GHz; 1 Gb Ram
    120 Gb Laptop HD
    7" InDash Xenarc MTD - X7000 Screen
    Gyration Mouse ; GPS Mouse ; ELM Scan ; TPMS
    Parrot MK 6000 & iPhone
    Re done the carputer...Into the Glove Box !!