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MY solution for playing ripped DVDs

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  • MY solution for playing ripped DVDs

    I had some problems trying to get the functionality that I wanted out of Frodo playing ripped DVDs (VOB files in their own VIDEO_TS folder), and I didn't really feel like messing with using skins that didn't play video fullscreen, etc., so I basically came up with this...

    -- click for actual size, should be 800x600 friendly --

    It's a simple virtual drive mapper (sort of like what the old subst command does) that creates a virtual drive pointing to a folder somewhere on the machine. The way that I use it is by telling Frodo that my DVD is drive "F:", and using the app to subst F: to the folder where the movie is located (C:\Movies\whatever). Then I just fire up the embedded Frodo DVD player and the movie plays without issue.

    I basically wrote this because I can use it from within Frodo (using the app launcher), I wanted something with a touchscreen-friendly interface and that was really simple to use. It just reads the frodoplayer.ini file to find what the DVD_DRIVE is set in Frodo, then subst the drive using the win32 API after you choose the directory from the list. Notice there's also a button to remove the mapping... figured it might come in handy or something...

    There are probably 100 better ways of doing this (ripping the movie in ISO format, playing them with media player embedded, using daemon tools, whatever), but this works for me. I'm already re-authoring most of my DVDs using DVD Shrink, and all I really need to do after that is copy the movie folder to my car PC and call it a day. Using "real" DVDs was out of the question as the pc is in the trunk, and I didn't wanna have another set of discs to bring into the car... this way I just rip a few car-worthy movies (for a trip, for example) and use Frodo to play them and delete them afterwards if I feel like it.

    The app still needs some polishing, but if anybody's interested I'd be more than willing to share it. I just gotta clean up the code a bit first before I make it public...