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Changing click sounds to beeps?

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  • Changing click sounds to beeps?

    I want Frodo to sound less like Windows. Has anyone played around with the sound so that clicking a button in frodo beeps like a real HU? Is there a repository of sounds that I can browse through somewhere? I need beeps and blips.
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    i'm not sure where to look for the actual sounds but you would have to change the sound settings thru the control panel not thru frodo. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Just look in the FP\Sounds Directory and change click.wav to a new one.
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        I know about the sounds folder. I just have no clue where to find beeps and blip sounds.

        Anyone know a good website for something like that? (yeah right. lol. I won't be surprized if no one answers)
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          There are alot or clicks and beeps at I believe they have then in the interface section. When you open the beeps sections it will only show a few pages, like 4. But if you go to the url and manually go to page 5 and beyond, you will get many more clips.

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