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strange in "Album Art" mode

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  • strange in "Album Art" mode

    I've notice a strange behaviour when I use FP in "Album Art" mode.

    I've push "Click Here For" and if there are few folder the icons fill the screen; if I add some other folder the icons shift to the right of the screen, leaving a black zone to the left ?

    Is it normal? Is it depend to the windows apparence setting (i.e. font, character size, etc. )?

    I've attached 2 pics
    "full screen" when there are few folder
    "shifted right" when there are more folder

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    I see you have juanes inside there, good choice !

    Well let me tell you that this happened to me but only with one folder (the way I setup my music is an artist folder and then inside every album that this artist have.

    What I did was to delete one of the folders and the problem desapear (it only happened with that artist) so I put the folder back and it shift all the folders to the right again.... crazy!! I don't know what the deal was but I end up putting the songs for that particular album inside other album folder (even if the song didn't correspond to that album)

    So best advice: look for that folder that is mess up. (start for the last one)

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      I love the BBAA feature that FrodoPlayer has but I also have this strange behaviour.

      Frodo, do you know what causes it?


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        Yes, poor implimentation on my part. I have been working on a replacement.
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          Cool - thanks man


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            thanks a lot frodo....
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              Originally posted by frodobaggins
              Yes, poor implimentation on my part. I have been working on a replacement.
              Hi frodo,
              waiting your patch I would like to know if there is some workaround to avoid this side effect. I've noticed that the shift occur only when I add a new folder that inserts into the first 4, 5 position.
              Insted, when I've added a new folder that inserts in the last position the shift doesn't occour.

              The only work around possible is rename the folder with a the first letter bigger ? Is it not possible a kind of reset to realign the icons?

              thank you,
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