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How i make Dabbar + Trinloc DAB usb work with frodo

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  • How i make Dabbar + Trinloc DAB usb work with frodo

    I just received my DAB receiver Trinloc DAB USB recorder. I tested it with the Trinloc app then switched almost immediately to Dabbar. Dabbar is basically a recording and streaming program. Normally if you want to hear something "Live" with this combination hard/soft you should also use this Volume Fix. But here i don't use it as the streaming part of Dabbar is working, and this is all i need to get it to work with Frodo.

    1. Make a scan with Dabbar
    2. Open your web browser to http://localhost:8080/index.htm You should see a list of channel. If you click on the channel name Dabbar start streaming to your default application, WMP for me.
    3. Open notepad an copy paste the link you find under the channel name in your browser, something like http://localhost:8080/24661.m3u and save it under channelname.m3u. Do that for every channel you like.
    4. Create a frodo playlist. I name it Dabbar.fpp. It should look like that
    ARTIST=- Classic 21
    FILENAME=D:\Ma musique\Classic.m3u
    ARTIST=- Pure Fm
    ALBUM=Pure Fm
    FILENAME=D:\Ma musique\Pure Fm.m3u
    ARTIST=- Stop
    FILENAME=D:\Ma musique\blank.mp3
    4. open frodo, in setting you chose to launch Dabbar with Frodo and in the audio format panel you add m3u.
    5. Close everything and restart Frodo.

    There is only one issue. If you lauch a stream in WMP and press stop, the sound stop, but Dabbar also stop streaming. Not with frodo, if i press stop, the sound stop, but Dabbar continue to stream. If you try to tune another channel you get a nasty message "Dabbar is unable to retune" and from here you cannot recover it, close and restart frodo and Dabbar.

    So far i have been able to stop streaming only by playing an mp3 file. You can see it at the end of the playlist above. Open notepad, dont type anything save as blank.mp3. So when i want to change channel i just play the artist "stop", count 1,2 , click the new channel.

    Work perfectly like that.

    Probably not a very sexy method but it work and use only notepad

    Any input welcome i start frodo for the first time this morning . Excuse my english

    Edit : Just find the logo of these radio with so create Classic.mu3.jpg and Pure Fm.mu3.jpg