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CPU temperature display in FrodoPlayer?

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  • CPU temperature display in FrodoPlayer?

    Hey everyone.

    Is there any way to integrate CPU temprature/fan speed into FrodoPlayer?

    Well, maybe an external program which will change Frodo's skin to indicate precentage or high-temprature, or something similar?

    If not, is there any external application which can display it well on FrodoPlayer? (I mean: always on top, with alpha-transparency, and nice interface)
    Lior "Fireball"

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    Can't believe no-one has ever done that
    Hey guys, we are dealing with Car PCs here...
    Lior "Fireball"


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      MBM has a nice dashboard display that can be made semi-transparent and always on top. I haven't tried it with FP yet. It uses shared memory and there is code available for accessing the temp readings from other programs, so it should be easy for a programmer to make this display in FP.


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        you can run other apps on top of FP, my V1 virtual display pops up over FP fine. you could make a space for it in the skin, and skin the app to match. It would be nice to embed it directly in the app though.

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          i use mbm with frodoplayer and it works great.
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