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    Hi all,
    I am using a VIA EPIA SP13000 mainboard and Terratec Cinergy 600 (TV+FM PCI card). The sound from Cinergy comes in computer through Line-in.
    I also have two soundcards. One on mainboard and the USB Audigy 2 NX.
    Now I would like to use USB soundcard for output every sound. But for Line-in I would like to use mainboard soundcard. I am using Radiator through FrodoPlayer for FM. I tried to set sound recording device as VIA's soundcard, but Radiator still reads only from USB.
    Any help apriciated,


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    I've also a problem like yours, but i think that you can use only one sound card at the same time.
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      From my experience the line in can only be played by the same card. Unless you first store it in the HD you canít play it from an other card. That is because the signal is not digitized until you save it. It is still analog so it can't be transferred to the other sound card. Hope I helped.
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