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    In a couple of days all my parts for my Carputer are coming in. I have the monitor and i have been playing around with some settings to see what I will like.
    Personally the cleanest and best looking GPS software I have seen is Streets and Trips 2006. I know with RoadRunner you can have it embedded with a skin modification. Is that something that can be done with FrodoPlayer?

    I like FrodoPlayer more than RR beause of problems I am having with sound and DVDS. However, I really like Streets and Trips, and to be honist have no idea how to configure the other GPS programs.

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    you can embed it using the latest version of frodoplayer.. however.. streets and trips is not that easy to use when you only have a touch screen....

    Map Monkey or freedrive are much easier to use... check out the GPS forums as well as the freedrive/map monkey forums on how to set them up.. it is really not that hard...
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