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Frodoplayer Radio Startup

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  • Frodoplayer Radio Startup

    I'm having a little trouble figuring this out, when I start the FM radio in Frodo it opens up and displays in the frequency field the last station I listened to.

    However, all I get out the speakers is static as there is no station tuned in for real, as soon as I hit a preset then all is ok.

    How do I get the radio to actually open up with a station already tuned in? Either a preset or the last tuned will suffice.

    I suspect that this lies in either Frodoplayer not passing the correct frequency to radiator (Last_Radio_Station in frodoplayer.ini) or that radiator is not reading it right.

    If I start radiator outside of frodoplayer it does tune to the last station the card was tuned to, irrespective of the application used to tune the card.

    There is nothing pertinent shown in the fperror.log

    Can anybody shed some light on this?


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