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  • New user and already problems

    Yesterday I installed Frodoplayer.
    At this moment I'm using the alu brush screen.

    As soon as Frodo starts i goes directly from the MENU to the MEDIA screen??
    this happends without touching any button
    How can I stop this? I just want the screen to stay at the MENU until I touch a button.

    Second question:

    Can I change the DVD button for a Divx button?? and where do I put the Divx files??
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    as to your first question.. go into settings 1.. and look around.. there is a option to stay in the main menu...

    and as to question 2... you can edit the skin to make it open up your divx player instead of frododvd.. but then again maybe you can just tell it in settings to use a 3rd party program to play dvd's.. which in your case would just be your divx player...


    you can add the divx extension to the video files.. and use the default media player in video mode ot play your divx files
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      For the 1st question, if your using take 3 you have to follow strohj advice plus change this line in frodoplayer.ini from false to true:


      RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

      Nissan Aux-in MOD

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