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Strategy for multiple auxiliary devices

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  • Strategy for multiple auxiliary devices

    I have looked at many frontends and I love FP.
    I have the DVD and mp3 part working perfectly, the interface is my fav.

    My problems begin with the fact that I have to integrate
    a USB radio (radio Xtreme) and a Sirius Sportster.
    So I have 2 devices that require an aux input.
    I have mic and line in available.

    I understand how to set up the radio, although my volume and
    mute controls do not seem to control line in at all? Not sure why.

    I have the radio set up to control line in, and the "main" set up for

    1) What would be the appropriate way to add the Sirius Sportster
    to the interface to give me simply volume and mute control.

    2) What is the proper strategy to control multiple auxiliary devices?
    My guess is (as I mentioned) assign main to wave, sportster to mic in,
    usb radio to line in, etc.

    3) Is there something going on (a know problem) with the volume/mute
    on the radio within FP?

    Is this the way the interface was intended to be used?
    Any other tidbits about optimizing this would be great!
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    7" lilliput touchscreen molded in the dash amp tray (computer mounted there) Sub enclosure with Polk Momo 10"
    3 Mtx 282 amps
    1 Mtx 311 d amp
    Sirius Sportster

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    Look for MatchVol.exe

    someone updated it to add muting to it as well.. that will fix some of your issues...
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      old post but i thought i would suggest why not put main to control the master volume rather then wave that would make it control it


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        A week and a half isn't an old thread 'round here.

        I agree that setting FP to control the master volume would help, it doesn't address all of the issues.
        Although I think that between the master volume setup and the MATCHVOL.EXe program, iot should get him going.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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