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DirectSound device vs. Sound device

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  • DirectSound device vs. Sound device


    I've been playing with FP1.10 for the last couple of days, and am having 2 issues.

    1) It seems like the default device used by FP for playback via Windows Media Player 10 on Windows XP is the Windows Sounds Audio device (specified under WMP->Tools->Devices->Speakers->Advanced->Audio) as opposed to the Media Player Sound playback device (specified under WMP->Tools->Devices->Speakers).

    This is problematic for me since I ideally want to keep these as different devices for various reasons (I specify my directsound output as the WMP Sound playback device through my high-end M-Audio sound card, and specify my Windows Sounds Audio device (through which windows beeps, etc., play) as my On-board Audio card. This also allows me to pipe my GPS software voice directions to a very small speaker position near my ear, while my music plays through the car speakers. To get FP to play through my high-end card, then, I am forced to switch everything over to that card, which isn't optimal but does work.

    2) However, when I do this, the volume control buttons on the skin don't work and I cannot hear anything. When I manually start up the windows volume control, I find that FP sets the volume to 0 on startup, and the only way to raise the volume is to use the windows volume control since the skin buttons don't work.

    Is there a way to (a) Tell FP to use the specified WMP output device, rather than the Windows Sounds device (b) Assign the FP volum buttons to the correct mixer?

    Thanks in advance.