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VST Plug-In support - software EQ

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  • VST Plug-In support - software EQ

    There's a thread in the Car Audio section discussing ways to implement a software-based, 30-band, high-quality (competition) EQ. One of the things I've discovered is that there is already a lot of software development on EQ's and effects in general...especially in the audio recording/mixing community. Most of the development is in the form of plug-ins for music editing software, the most popular being VST (Virtual Studio Technology).

    Since the development is already there to offer a high-quality, software-based 30-band EQ as a VST plug-in, my question is two-pronged:

    1. In the short-term, is there a way to output the audio signal from FrodoPlayer to a sound editing software? This would contain a VST plug-in equalizer.
    2. Longer term, can FrodoPlayer become a host for VST plug-ins? This would eliminate the need for the extra piece of software and allow for all types of audio editing. Don't know what the development or CPU costs would be for this...
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