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FrodoPlayer mentioned in PC Magazine...

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  • FrodoPlayer mentioned in PC Magazine...

    Just got the latest PC Mag (June 2006) and there is an article on putting a PC in your kitchen. Well, on page 106 where they talk about putting an 8 inch LCD under a cabinet the article states,

    "...On the relatively small LCD, only the simplified commandshell software designed with large buttons for car PCs (such as Frodo Player, had buttons and controls we could pick out with our fingers..."

    Just a cool FYI.
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    Ha, the monkey lives!
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      Haha, sweet! That is cool stuff!
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        He's dead to me until 1.11
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          man i thought that i would get to post about that first....oh well...must be because i am in iraq and we get everything a couple of weeks behind schedule. i thought that was really cool that they mentioned frodo. i got to tell you to that PC magazine has impressed me since they have started thier new layout of the magazine.
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