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  • Please Help... Line in Q?

    hey guys really need some help here... i have spent about three days searching and have used these terms, external, mp3 player, myfi, external mp3 player, external app, aux imput, i jus havent found anything software or app or program that will allow me to play my myfi portable xm radio device on my comp. For example what program should i use that would open into a line in player. over all out come... I am going to hook up my myfi...(lets say an ipod) to the line in on my mobo from the headphone jack. I want to click on a button in frodoplayer that will open and be the audio from the line in. I dont want to control anything just listen to the xm please help... and yes guys more screens are comming your way been really busy with my own projects and work. also designing a website for you guys to just download the files and be all set to go.

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    This from the mp3car store converts XM to USB. And why would you need an ipod if you have a carpc? Just use the ipod's USB connector if you really don't have those songs on your carpc.
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      i dont have an ipod i have a myfi.... its like an ipod but its a portable xm recieve i cant use that usb thingy.... i need an app to launch that plays line in.... arrgghh some one please help


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        okay i had an epiphany on the drive home from work today. I figued it out. And i hope i can help some one looking to do the same thing.


        Anything plugged into the blue line in port will automatically play through the speakers. If the line is unmuted. If you download frodos line muting program and direct your external apps button to this program, you can turn on and off any device requiring you to plug a mini (1/8) headphone jack into it such as sirius sportster, xm myfi, ipod, creative nomad, or what have you. Great for us who dont have the funds or means of making deadicated hard wired xm/sirius recivers or want to have external mp3 players instead of taking up valuable hard drive space.


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          I was having same problem. I went with a turtlebeach roadie and it worked perfect.