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    I'm pretty new to this, and probably someone already asked samething what I am about to ask. At the Main Menu, there are extra buttons that I don't like and want to swith to something else. Which I did change around and I have extra 4 empty buttons, I want to put volume control and skip buttons like RR does (I'm using one of those Rex skin for Nissan). Will it be possible to do that? Thanx!

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    What you can do about this, is two things:

    Resize the .pg to meet you req.

    Then go to "skin.ini" and look for the "main menu" entry, change to lower number and after that you will see the buttons.

    So to explain better the way that the main menu works is to be right on top of the audio menu, so if you have a smaller .jpg and change the number in the .ini you will acomplish what you want.

    I just did this to my new skin and it works perfect.

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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      thanx man! Sounds easy but as well complicated. Let me try!