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FP mutes audio after resume from hibernation

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  • FP mutes audio after resume from hibernation

    The last couple of months, my fp has begun muting the audio when the computer returns from hibernation. It is both main volume, and the wave device, I have to bring up the volume control panel to turn up the volume again.

    I know that it is FP, because it only happens when FP is running when the computer go into hibernation.

    Anyone experienced this behaviour? I'm using FP 1.10.


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    Yup, that happend to me with the some codec packs that I installed the other day (the only way to get rid of it, at least for me what a freash OS install) also you may check your sound driver.

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      Hmm.. but it is only related to FP running! If I use RoadRunner, then it doesn't happen? So to me, it looks like it's FP that plays a trick on me. Also the other day, I heard half a second of music after returning from hibernation, before it turned down the volume.

      And I think it's a bit of a hazzle to make a complete reinstall of the OS etc.

      / Foden


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        download batchrun. make a batchrun file and then in the "on resume" line in config put in the place where u saved it on ur computer. works fine but it takes a second to run the file.