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FP doesn't play all my mp3's

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  • FP doesn't play all my mp3's

    seems like I' ve been having trouble with frodo playing all my mp3's... i have not a clue of why is this happening!!! the files run on winamp with no much of a problem, and at first id didn't care much, but now i decided to load my whole collection into fp and there are too many songs that just wont play.
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    First of all, the FAQ subforums are for informational threads only. I've moved this thread to a more appropriate forum.

    Second of all, is there anything different about those MP3s like DRM or somesuch that might prevent them from playing? If the files play in Windows Media Player, they should also play in FrodoPlayer.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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