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Wierd iG V3 problem???

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  • Wierd iG V3 problem???

    I am running Frodo with The Rex skin, iG V3 works fine but the other day I was driving and trying to put in an address and in the process of trying to use a touch screen and bouncing around now I have no menu bar on top and the bar that shows the street names is on the bottom and out of site when running via Fp. Now the wierd part is if I shut down FP and start iG on its own it goes full screen with the same thing, no menu bar on top and it covers the windows bar on the bottom. There are no min, max or close buttons as well as file, window, help yada yada and the street bar is still on the bottom. Any thoughts? It was fine and while trying to use the touch screen and bouncing around I did something. I have spent about an hour trying to figure it out but am lost. I have also searched this forum and have not found a similar problem. Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Post a pic... also if you want to see the top bar right click IG in the toolbar and hit maximize.

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    Nissan Aux-in MOD

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