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What controls app size within skin?

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  • What controls app size within skin?

    I'm running rexbrut, and iG3 when I goto the nav section it works fine however it is hit or miss what size the iG3 is with in the skin. Another words you have the header that shows you what song is playing plus you have the hide button, on the bottom you have you back - next - pause buttons these are elements of the skin. The weird problem is sometime I can see the botton of iG3 like the eta, miles to go and things like that but other times it is cut off right below the menu and mute button and seems to have no rhym or reason why it changes. My question is: does something control the window size of the app or when you make a skin are you just overlaying the app? So wierd can't figure out why it keeps changing?!?!?! UGH Thanks in advance for help