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iGUIDANCE_EMBEDED_using hibernate hangs the computer

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  • iGUIDANCE_EMBEDED_using hibernate hangs the computer

    The only problem I've been having is related to the integrated GPS. I open Iguidance within Frodo, use it, and then hit hide to go back to the main screen. When I turn the car off, I usually hibernate the computer, and it hangs. This only happens when Iguidance has been launched within Frodoplayer. I've figured out that it's because when I hit hide to return to Frodoplayer and shut down, the nav software is still up and running in the background. If I don't go in and manually close out the GPS software, it freezes my computer on hibernate.

    Is there any code you could write to automatically close out of the navigation app upon shutdown/hibernation?

    Car: 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan 6MT
    Audio: JBL BP300.1 running 2 ohms, IDQ10V.2 D4 sub
    Carputer: Epia M1000, 512MB DDR, Opus 90W, Toshiba 60GB 2.5" HD, Toshiba Slimline DVD/CD-R/CD-RW, Custom Xenarc 700TSV