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DATABASE_Runtime Error 67 - Too many files

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  • DATABASE_Runtime Error 67 - Too many files


    2 questions:
    when building the database and then exiting FrodoPlayer i get the message "Runtime Error 67 - Too many files".

    There is no error-log in the Frodoplayer directory. (its a fresh install)

    I also get a lot of filenames that dont start with the artists name but seem to be listed with just the filenames.
    I enabled the "Artist-Title" mode and disabled the tracknumber display.
    Still they are listed with only the filename.
    Could this be because they are .ogg files?
    Tag&Rename shows me that the tags are just fine.


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    Please elaborate as much as possible.
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      As to 1)

      I installed FrodoPlayer on a WinX-SP2 System.
      I have approximately 8500 music files - most of them ripped from our own CDs as ogg-files. Some were ripped earlier as .mp3s.

      I start Frodoplayer, go to Database-menu and start building the database.
      The build finishes fine. I then go to the main screen and exit the program.
      Then i get the "Runtime error 67 - too many files".

      2) I have checked the tags of all my files with Tag&Rename. They are all tagged just fine.
      However when i look at the song list in the main window in frodoplayer some are STILL displayed by their filename. From what i gathered they are the .ogg files.

      THX for your great program and support!



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        I just started getting this error, on exit from fp.
        It has started since I defragged my hard drive.
        I had to reinstall fp after defragmenting aswell because it wouldnt start.