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DIRECTORY2_When switching directory correct track name not showing

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  • DIRECTORY2_When switching directory correct track name not showing

    I'm currently using Frodoplayer take 3 with febsperanza's brushed metal skin.

    Here's what I do.

    1) In directory 2 mode/field I select a directory
    2) I select a song from the list field.
    * When playing it shows the right track name in the currently playing field.

    3) I select another directory from the directory field list.
    4) This time i do not select a song but just push the play button.
    * What happens now is that the new song (the first one in the list) is playing but the currently playing field is showing the name of the previously played track. If i press the play button again the track name of the currently playing song appears.

    Hope this is enough info.
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