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GPS_ iGuidance embedded fails on first try

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  • GPS_ iGuidance embedded fails on first try

    When I click Navigation it launches iGuidance for me but then I get the iGuidance Legalese Screen ("Click OK to consent") instead of the application. I click OK, and then the screen goes into normal or maximized mode, but not embedded.

    If I minimize it, go back to Frodo and click Navigate again, this time it finds the running application and embeds it. (Tres sweet, btw!)

    I wouldn't call this a bug except that Frodo said this functionality (Automatically clicking OK) should be built-in already. It's not working for me.

    Also, I tried clicking OK *immediately* so maybe FP would notice the newly opened iGuidance screen in time and embed it, but it never works.
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    i dont think the clicking of "OK" is supposed to happen automatically. There are some other solutions to this problem, non of which i can actually download the fix for either. This is a known issue and a embed function in FP is beta. New release will fix all of thise problems. We just have to wait.
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