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  • problem with directory search

    When searching through my music using directory list on the main page I get a error that says "RunTime Error '5': invalid procedure call or argument" if I accidently try to go to the parent directory of my root directory. This error shuts down frodo and I have to ctrl alt del, shutdown frodo from the tasks list, then reopen it.

    That is all in "browse by directory mode 2" mode 1 works fine because I cant try to go to the parent directory of the root directory due to the explorer style setup.

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    I should add that my music directory is my home computer. I have wireless internet on the computer going in my truck and it will play the music over a vpn (exactly how it is doing it right now). The music directory is mapped on my truckputer as z:\ and my music is organized in that net drive in seperate folders. Dont know if it matters that its over a network when the problem occurs but thought it might help


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      I'll get it, thanks.
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